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Senior Capstone Project: Debut play

Duties include:
  • Make script changes from a previous class project. Discuss with actors whether the script feels natural and discuss what changes could be made

  • Attend rehearsals, give notes to actors about blocking and diction 

  • Create a prop list and build the props with no budget

  • Build and paint the set out of scraps from the scene shop

  • Find costumes and fit them to actors with no budget

  • Communicate with actors about any changes and make sure they understand what is happening at all times to ensure people make cues on time and safely 

  • Hang my own lights and build my own cues. Communicate light cues to light board operator

  • Create a calendar for all members to use

  • Make sure that myself and actors are following the rules of the venue

  • Ensure the safety for all actors

  • Attend the Capstone showcase, watching other showcases and introducing mine

  • Communicate with photographer what type of pictures I want for photo call 

  • Communicate with professor about my process




I Miss You

By: Kate Winegarden

Morehead State University

April 26, 2018


Lucille Caudill Little Theatre



Kate Winegarden

Lighting, Scenic, Props, Costume Designer:

Kate Winegarden


Lea: Sahara LaForce

Peepop: Bugs Reinhardt

Photo Credits:

Andrea Cox


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